Lightig of shopping centers, shops, boutiques and salons.

Internal lighting of shopping centers includes lighting of the entrance area (usually several) in a shopping center, atrium, food court, lighting corridors, galleries, passages, stairways and other public areas.

Svet-Tech svet-Magaz Salon Butic (1-2 abzac)

Lighting of shopping centers - an interesting challenge for lighting designers and lighting technicians. Projects of lighting malls can open all the modern technological world and allows you to use a wide range of lighting equipment, to realize the most courgeous ideas on interior and facade lighting.

Lighting shops in the shopping center are not under responsibility of developers and become the problem of renters. Each department and group of goods needs an individual approach - create emphasis in clothing department, to emphasize brilliance in the jewelry inside, to give an appetizing color in the grocery department, etc. All this can be implemented as efficiently as possible, using the experience of Licht Forum in the lighting of retail space.

All you need to create the perfect lighting for your shop floor will offer the company Licht Forum. The range of lamps of different types, kinds and forms: track lighting, metal halide lamps, downlight, recessed and pendant lights, drive lights, disco - what you need that to build a comfortable lighting shop floor.