Industrial lighting

Industrial lighting – is one of the most interesting and important kind of lighting. It use many requirements: first of all, it, regulatory compliance, safety of workers, reliability, economical, and aesthetics of course, but here it not on the first place.

Industrial lighting requires high mechanical strenght and vibration resist. Illumination of the industrial rooms must be economical, energy consumption must be minimized.

On the stage of developing lighting project, calculation of luminosity can be based on some parameters of actual room, and technical options of luminaries. Industrial lighting is planning to achieve less light spending, and optimal luminosity level with highest profit. By the request of our customers we can compose technical and economical justifications.

For designing this kind of projects must be composed technical task. It must contain information about sizes of room and surfaces and plan. We must consider everything, like color of walls and ceiling, floor covering. LICHT FORUM designers will take into consideration every room specialty and each wish of a customer to competently illuminate every complexity projects.