Architectural lighting

Facade is a business card card of the building, if the object higher value of the, the greater the requirements for its architectural appearance. In the dark, any, even the most sophisticated structure is lost, and with it disappears the nature of the architectural ensemble. Architectural lighting allows you to focus on the most important elements and to emphasize it’s features, separate from the background of other urban facilities.

With skillful use of lighting equipment we can achieve amazing results by changing the shape of the building beyond recognition. Proper lighting of buildings can benefit accents on the most interesting elements and if necessary, to hide its drawback.

Lighting projects of Licht Forum - it is always quality work and personal approach to each client. We do not consider our work as science or art alone. Only a harmonious combination of the first and second give the desired result. Illumination shall be designed with a creative approach and implemented correctly from the technical side.

In architectural lighting projects, Licht Forum are always included:

  • Visualization of the facade,
  • A visual layout of the types and groups of lights on the front,
  • Calculation of lighting levels,
  • Selection and optimization of equipment
  • The final specification.

This ensures maximum reliability, duration of exploitation of lighting equipment, and compliance of the project's specifications.

It is by a combination of professional skills of designers in this field of "Licht Forum" was not just earn the trust of customers, but also to achieve a leading position in the field of services related to the lighting of facades. Execution of complex works such plan was for us a common task, in which a clear emphasis on the interests and preferences of the customer.