Street and landscape lighting.

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting is a significant part of  design - it is not just for lighting but also for the formation of the most favorable image of the territory, as in the dark and in daylight.

Svet- ul_land - svet 01

Country-house will  not have a finished look, if the stairs, terraces, covered with green vertical walls, picturesque meadows and other no less interesting parts of the territory aren’t highlighted. Spot lights built into the track and giving diffused light, silver fountain jet in the light of halogen spotlights all that will bring you a huge charge of positive emotions and create a good mood, provide a sense of peace and security in harmony with nature.

Svet- ul_land - svet 02

Also our lighting specialists can select and offer street lamps, suitable for lighting the streets of a given type of light distribution, which means the minimum number of lighting devices on the stretch of road. We will provide high visibility, minimize glare and discomfort.

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Lighting calculations will be determined the optimal hight of lighting poles, picked up a step and a position of fixtures on the plan.
We provide the results of the calculations of lighting in a form of detailed  project, visualization, layout and rendering on  improvement plans of the road, street, yard, etc you provide.