More than two years ago we opened a furniture direction. For now in our portfolio we have more than 500 Italian factories of various types and styles, strong partnerships with manufacturers, many samples and catalogs, turned base, magazines on design and interior design, portfolio of completed projects - all of which help to make reality of any fantasy , desires, and the most demanding customers.

Mebel (1 abzac)

The choice is very large, we work without exposition - we offer furniture from catalogs, samples of fabrics, leather, wood coatings, which are used by factories.

The range and capabilities, in no way inferior to the leading Ukrainian companies operating in this segment. Competitive prices, great experience, a flexible discount system, high bonus compensation for our accredited designers, architects - all this makes us one of the best suppliers in the region. We are open to dialogue with any customer, always ready to give you our counter, competitive proposal in response to existing proposals of our competitors.

Mebel (2-3 abzac)

You can truly estimate richness of choice, if you visit our studio, where, without haste, with a cup of coffee you look through the rich, well-illustrated catalogs of luxury Italian furniture, impressive number of presented models.

Mebel (4-5 abzac)

All our clients have noted that - our prices are really profitable, and our supply commitments are delivered accurately and on time. Most of them returned to us or recommend us, which is a major showing of our services’ quality.