One of the main and initial activities of the company Licht Forum is development and making authorial lamps from different material "for  project."

Svet-ZAG (1-2 abzac)

In many cases, when between the proposals of factories-manufacturers you can not find what you realy need : there are no suitable sizes, the form is not quite the one, the coating does not fit into the interior, the price is not satisfied! And sometimes, simply, with all the variety of proposals, it is difficult to find the ideal lamp. This is often the lighting space between the stairs, large rooms, special interiors, custom sizes fixtures or exclusive design.
In this case we can help you!

Svet-ZAG (3-4 abzac)

According to the technical task of  designer, "Licht Forum" is ready to develop and produce light, perfectly fit into a given interior and in particular space!
Our portfolio of work with a variety of creative workshops and a wide variety of materials: brass and stainless steel, wood and wrought iron, stained glass and gutnoe.

Svet-ZAG (6-7 abzac)

Our customers have a right to expect on authorial lamp, which may be the single copy.