Lighting department

Lighting department of Licht Forum specializes in projects of complex lighting any complexity:

We offer our clients a full range of works:z`

- Design and development of lighting design
- Calculation of normative level of lighting
- Selection of equipment and light sources
- Installation and warranty service.

Developing lighting project the individual characteristics of the object are concidered: architectural style, functionality, customer needs and environment.

Licht Forum has been cooperating with manufacturers of lighting equipment, their design departments. This work allows us to solve the most difficult tasks at the design stage.

Svet-Tech svet (3_4 abzac)

Our general partner is a company "ES-SYSTEM" - the largest Polish manufacturer of lighting fixtures ( As a result of this collaboration, we solve together the most complicated projects of lighting stadiums, airports and big shopping and entertainment centers.

Lighting projects include calculations and complex lighting design for objects of any complexity:

- Calculation of lighting for apartments, houses, offices, retail space, showrooms, exhibition centers, etc.
- Architectural and decorative lighting of building facades
- Landscape and park lighting, sketching projects of landscape lighting and lighting surrounding areas, street lighting
- Lighting of fountains, pools and ponds.
- lighting of industrial sites and workshops.
- lighting of shops, banks and offices.
-Lighting and lighting calculation of sports facilities and premises.
- Location of equipment on the plan.
- Visual presentation of architectural illumination and design projects
- Development of "smart" lighting systems ("smart home").
- Selection and supply of equipment for the project, including domestic interiors.
- Installation of equipment
- The development of custom fixtures and lighting systems, manufacturing fixtures for project;
- Design projects of Christmas and festive illumination.

We offer our design solutions or bring into life the wishes of the customer

Svet-Tech svet (5-6 abzac)

We are ready to give an advise or perform necessary calculations for you, even at the project level.