The services that are valued by our customers:

  1. Free participation in  project at the designing stage for solving unusual tasks.
  2. Direct supplies from Italy, Austria, Belgium, Poland etc. Direct placement of orders on the  factories. Delivery from the factory to an object. Our goal - to offer high quality goods at the best price for you.
  3. Development of light project from concept and calculating  to the selection of equipment and installation.
  4. The visual presentation of future project and the location of equipment on the layout for the customer.
  5. Selection or production of large lamps and lighting solutions for nonstandard tasks.
  6. Writing, selection of equipment and implementation of any light scenario, both for internal and for external illumination of the object.
  7. Audit of the proposal for optimizing energy costs.
  8. The development of "smart" lighting systems ("smart house").
  9. Development of individual electrical circuits, installation and wiring of electrical panels at the site, setting up management systems.
  10. The full, personal support of each customer from the moment of his appearance in our company to the final delivery of equipment is an integral part of our work. At each stage, we use the well-established methods of work, which ensures timely delivery of your order, clarity and accordance to all requirements.
  11. Warranty service.

Svet-Byt svet-Uslugi (1-2 abzac)

Our company also works closely with the factories, manufacturers and suppliers of lighting fixtures, with their design departments and design studios. Such cooperation allows us to solve the most difficult tasks at the stage of project development. They are: custom-made fixtures, "own design", adapting lighting fixture parameters to the corresponding object.