It’s wellknown for a long time that a large site,  especially when it is stuffed for the first time, there are many small and lage problems associated with lighting!
And it is not easy to find this solution in one place, as even the largest supermarket or online store could not solve the whole complex of problems associated with lighting.

Svet-Kompleks (2-3 abzac)

Large site includes a lot of lighting solutions that are not connected with each other and require a completely different approach!
The range of issues include:

  • Simple selection of fixtures in the main room and the solution of lighting problems of important apartments (rooms and conference rooms, offices and restaurants and lounges in the hotels),
  • Technical solution to hidden lights, as well as filling interfloor spaces or large halls surround decorative light;
  • lighting driveway and parking areas
  • landscape lighting
  • facade lighting
  • lighting of sports facilities and areas,
  • Lighting special areas that are present on any object.

We are ready to help you.
Integrated approach includes such compelling factors as knowledge, experience, design and technical support.
At your disposal our knowledge about optimal lighting of certain territory or area, technical calculation and visual presentation, delivery at wholesale prices and the development and manufacture of custom products for project !