Licht Forum provides services "from design to installation". We offer a comprehensive approach of lighting and decoration of hotels, cafes, restaurants, resorts and surrounding areas.
Our designers will design, visualize, and select necessary products!
You don’t need to attract a large number of companies that spend money and time searching for what you need when it is possible to receive a full range of services from one reliable partner – “Licht Forum”


We offer:

• Making the project, visualization and selection of necessary equipment for architectural or landscape lighting facility.
• Free participation in  project at the design stage to deal with unusual problems.
• Selection or producing non-standard fixtures (halls, stair etc.).
• The calculation and selection of specialized lighting equipment for lighting sports facilities, swimming pools, as well as sports fields and playgrounds
• The calculation and selection of lighting fixtures for conference rooms.
• Selection or producing of lamps in  rooms, restaurants, lobby bars, as well as all the technical areas of the hotel, including emergency and special.
• according to technical specifications, to create and implement light scenario for both internal and external lighting.
• Conducting energy audit 


You get a full range of services and this save time and money!

Our advantages:
- Full range of lighting services, from design to installation;
- From the territory and landscape to the conference rooms and spa;
- From selection to production.
- 7 years experience.
- Flexibility in selection of equipment based on task and budget.

We are working to solve complicated and unusual problems